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New Years Resolutions


Are new years resolutions really a good idea? In this interview with clinical psychologist Craig Ravesloot, Ph.D., we learn about new ways of thinking about resolutions, ourselves, and the world. Originally aired on MTPR on January 7th.

Craig Ravesloot, Ph.D.


The Best Gift Ever


What is the best gift you’ve ever given? Ann Szalda-Petree asks 6 very different people to describe the best gift they’ve ever given anyone. The answers range from the material to the spiritual, and all are centered around close relationships. Originally aired on MTPR on December 17, 2013. Thanks to Liz Kohlstaedt, Teresa Waldorf, Clark Grant, Tuline Kinaci, Rob Tapper, and Eden Atwood.






George Everett, Khac Chi and Henry Butler Talk about the Montana Folk Festival


khac chigallery_henry_01

The Montana Folk Festival took place on July 12th – 14th in Butte, Montana. Ann Szalda-Petree and Clark Grant interview George Everett of the non-profit Mainstreet Uptown Butte about the logistics and planning required to host an event attended by 150,000 people. Folk festival performers Khac Chi and Henry Butler discuss music and coming to Butte. Originally aired on July 9th on Montana Public Radio.

D. Gregory Smith talks about Butte Pride and the Bozeman Interchange Festival


D. Gregory Smith


Ann Szalda-Petree interviews D. Gregory Smith, gay rights activist and therapist, about the upcoming Montana Pride celebration, June 14th – 16th in Butte, and new Interchange Festival in Bozeman, Montana taking place June 28th – 30th.  Interchange is an annual festival celebrating strides in human rights, equality, and the continuing dialogue on a number of important issues.

This show originally aired on Montana Public Radio on June 11th.  Thanks to Clark Grant for production assistance, Beth Judy for scheduling and persistence, and Beth Anne Austein for recording.

Life and Intersex: An Interview with Jim Bruce and Eden Atwood of the Interface Project



Ann Szalda-Petree interviews intersex activists Jim Bruce and Eden Atwood about living life with an intersex condition. Eden and Jim highlight the social and medical oppression people with intersex conditions have traditionally received, as well as provide hope for change in the future.

This show aired on MTPR on January 22, 2013.  Thanks to Clark Grant for producing.