Changing Women’s Lives: The Jeannette Rankin Foundation and Women’s Scholarship Fund



Operating out of Athens, Georgia, since 1976, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation (founded by Jeannette herself and some admirers) assists women over age 35 in going back to school, a step that improves their lives and those of their families and communities.

IOW Producer Beth Judy talks with Sue Lawrence, ED of the foundation, and also, Francy Moll of Polson, Montana, a Rankin Scholarship alumna. Originally aired Oct. 7, 2014.


Sue Lawrence, Jeannette Rankin Foundation


Francy Moll, Alumna

Francy Moll, Alumna

Anthropologist Dr. Sally Thompson’s Expedition to Northern India



This week on “In Other Words” Bryony Schwan speaks with Missoula anthropologist Dr. Sally Thompson who returned this summer from a 40-day, “life-changing” journey to the Himalaya region of Northern India. Sally traveled with the Helena based Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation to learn firsthand about the local health care needs in remote regions of Zanskar. Sally was particularly interested in traditional healing practices and the challenges facing these healers, or amchis. While there Sally attended two multi-day teachings with the 14th Dalai Lama in Zanskar and Ladakh. In addition to the trek through Zanskar, Sally and her colleagues spent a week in Dharamsala, the seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile. While there they met with the Prime Minister; the team at Gu Chu Sum an organization that serves formers political prisoners and their families; and the Nechung Medium, the Official State Oracle of Tibet.

Sally with the Dalai Lama

Sally (far left) with the Dalai Lama

In her interview Sally talks about her fascinating experiences in Northern India and reflects on how her experience working with Native American communities in Montana has shaped her work.

If you are interested in learning more about Sally Thompson and her trip you can email her at: oldtrails(AT)

This interview aired September 16, 2014 on Montana Public Radio.

In Other Birds, Bees, and Butterflies




Sue Reel with pollinator guides

Sue Reel with pollinator guides

A show about pollinators and more.

Amy Cilimburg visits with naturalist and educator Sue Reel about native bees, the importance of pollinators and the native plants on which they depend, the amazing guides she has developed, and more. Amy also speaks with Amy Seaman – her colleague at Montana Audubon – about cool birds. In the final segment Amy S. interviews butterfly expert Jeff Pippen about the research he is conducting this summer at the MPG Conservation Ranch.

Lots to learn about our flying friends and the critical roles the play in our ecosystems and food systems.

You can find these guides, created by Sue and artist Nancy Seiler, at the Montana Natural History Center or the Lolo National Forest Headquarters in Missoula.

You can download:  Attracting Pollinators to your Garden Using Native Plants

More information can be found at Celebrating Wildflowers,, and The Xerces Society.

Contact Team Amy:  Amy C or Amy S.

Women in Science Volume I


Shaila Kotadia
Credit courtesy of Shaila Kotadia

In the first of several programs about women in science, producer Ann Szalda-Petree talks with molecular biologist Shaila Kotadia, Education & Outreach Manager at Synberc, UC-Berkeley, about everything from synthetic biology and challenges faced by women scientists to the trade-offs involved in the pursuit of a tenure-track academic science career, and more.

(Broadcast: In Other Words, 8/5/14)



Women Farmers



Producer Lacy Roberts brings us an hour of conversation with and about female farmers. First, we learn why photographer Audra Mulkern started the Female Farmer Project and what it reveals about female back-to-the-land farmers. Next, we sit around the kitchen table with Tracy and Margaret, owners of Dixon, Montana’s County Rail Farm, and two of the farm’s young interns, Kitty and Morgan, who describe falling for organic farming. Finally, farmer-mom-journalist-editor Courtney Lowery Cowgill of Prairie Heritage Farm near Power, Montana shares how she, a farmer’s daughter who vowed to never marry a farmer, did exactly that. Cowgill’s description of this phase of her career: “part-time job, full-time Mom, part-time farmer and full-time cook and keeper of the house, the finances, the schedule, the diaper bag…”

This show first aired July 22, 2014 on Montana Public Radio.

Health, Mental Health, Psychology and Global Warming: a Conversation



Jen, Kevin, Beth

Amy talks with three Missoula-area professionals — nurse Beth Schenk and psychotherapists Jen Robohm and Kevin Dohr. These experts share research and their professional and personal experiences approaching and understanding global challenges like climate change. They discuss individual and societal barriers and opportunities in our efforts to successfully address, be solution-oriented, and be hopeful in this time of rapid change.Yes, hopeful!

Behind the Scenes at the Red Ants Pants Music Festival



The tiny town of White Sulphur Springs swells at the end of July when thousands arrive for fine music and a good time. It’s the Red Ants Pants Festival, associated with the Red Ants Pants Company, manufacturer of work wear for women, and benefitting the Red Ants Pants Foundation, focused in part on projects to help women succeed. Producer Beth Judy talks by phone with Festival Operations Manager Allie Olson and PR/Press Director Kat Healy. Find out more about this festival phenom and how it all goes down. This summer’s festival dates are July 24-27; more info at